Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

Increase your websites link pop and PR

Hi..., my name is Rey.
I just want to let you know about a great new piece of software
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We all know that the higher your websites link popularity
is the higher your Google PR will be and the better your
search engines position will be.

In the past you had to manually look for places to add your
websites url to and manually fill out submission forms on
these websites, and not forgetting adding a link on your
site before your website url would even appear on the sites
you are trying to add your site's to.

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Well not anymore let me introduce the Link Directory Submitte

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Here is what the software will do for you..

You'll increase your site popularity in record time.

You'll receive more traffic by having a better position in
search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Msn

You'll stop wasting time manually submitting to link directories.

You won't have to search for themed websites. 2000+ of
quality directories are already included.

Your site will be free of reciprocal links. The directories
included in the software require NO backlinks to them.

You'll cut down the number of directory rejections.

You don't have to upload anything to your website Everything
is done from your desktop.

You can submit ALL your sites by using multiple profiles.

It will be a breeze for you to use the software.

Each link directory in the list in the submitter shows
the directories current Google PR

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You get FREE lifetime updates to any new versions we release.

You get fresh link directories to submit your website
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So drop what your doing right now and take a few minutes to
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